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22nd Bomb Squadron

   Major  Robert Puckett - Commanding Officer - 22nd Bomb Squadron (top , left)
     Major   Gordon Berg Pilot and Operations Officer (top , middle)
  T/Sgt. Walter Brown - aerial photographer/ gunner ( top , right)Walter was lost over the Bay of Bengal.
1st / Sgt . Tom Pratt  - aerial photographer/gunner and Squadron First Sergeant (bottom , left)
                                                        Search in progress for ID on other men .

            Bay of Bengal - before     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>               After

     Next two pictures are  Chiang Mai, Thailand under attack from 22nd , small puffs of smoke on runway are hand held bombs dad threw out the side of the B-25. Large smoke is from burning  Japanese aircraft .

 Below is a bomb run along the China coast - Hainan Island.


       DAD'S PILOT
Thanks Woody for bringing
dad home safe and sound on
all those missions.
      Ballard , Smitty and Art              -

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